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Working with You

What Customers Say?

Ignite played an absolutely crucial role in the creation of “Tagasi kooli” (Back to School) info system. “After a few weeks of co-operation we realised that we had chosen an IT-partner that could exceed our dreams. In all truthfulness: our work together added significant value to our initial idea, opened new perspectives and provided valuable input for the future development of “Tagasi kooli” initiative.”

Back to School Tiina Pauklin and Triin Noorkõiv. The heads of “Tagasi kooli” (Back to School) initiative

Ignite team has worked on many business critical projects in past few years including Internet bank and Consumer credit directive related. “Ignite team helped business counter parties to specify and prioritize requirements to be able to meet tough deadlines. Demonstrations and continuous feedback from product owners helped to make sure project is on right track. We met our market and quality targets.”

Swedbank Sofia Trummal (Development manager, Swedbank)

Ignite creates solid software. Tested fact. "Patient Portal created by Ignite has been one of the most solidly implemented web applications that we have tested against OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) level 2A/2B requirements. The quality of work was visible both, from the penetration testing and source code review standpoint."

Clarified Security Mait Peekma (Penetration tester, Clarified Security OÜ)

Join Us

Your work will be

Software solutions creation on Java and related technologies. You will be working in a team and will be involved in all cycles of software development process. Active communication will be part of your everyday work. Constant self improvement and frequent knowledge sharing will become a daily norm.

You will become part of

Likeminded specialists working in an agile software development team delivering working solutions daily. In Ignite you will find a platform for your professional growth, you will be welcomed to an open and friendly company culture. You will become part of Ignite family where software creation is a passion.

Employee feedback

Seda Sahradyan
Quality Assurance specialist

"Communication and team spirit are two essentials that come to my mind when I think about Ignite. Those are definitely the key factors of achieving the results and also the main aspects that make working in Ignite so enjoyable.”

Anton Shatunov
Software Developer

"When people have knowledge in different areas as in cross functional team, then all the decisions get many different perspectives and final solutions are more complete. Working in such team you become more open minded and a better decision maker yourself."

Gabriele D’Antimi
Software Developer

"Working at Ignite improved my technical and soft skills and also opened my eyes to living a more fulfilled life in general. This is the beauty of an open company culture and wonderful colleagues."

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Andres Pihor

Head of BlockTech
  • andres.pihor
  • andres.pihor@ignite.ee
  • +372 506 9338
  • linkedin.com/in/andrespihor

I take care of partnership opportunities and customer relations in our BlockTech service area. Please get in touch if you have an ICO or blockchain software project in mind, we would be happy to share our valuable skills and experience.

Kaido Petter

Head of Project Partnership
  • kaidope
  • kaido.petter@ignite.ee
  • +372 5345 8196
  • linkedin.com/in/kaidopetter

My passion is to help businesses to find the best partner for their software projects, as well as providing a highly competent team. If you are looking for an end-to-end project partner or a specific skill set for your ongoing project, let's get in touch.

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