Software Testing & Test Automation

Automated Testing

Ensuring that the final product is devoid of any errors or complications, is an entire process within the software development itself. The Quality Assurance (QA) specialists are going through a rigorous phases of retesting the existing code to phase out any possible bugs. Ignite has developed a process that automates the Quality Assurance to discover possible errors in a most efficient manner. We are using automated software tools that run independently, identifying any possible issues within the code without actually changing it. The software executes necessary test suites and can be used either independently or in parallel with the development and manual quality assurance. By employing the automated QA, the development process is shortened, allowing the developers to work on the new functionalities without worrying about bugs in the previous version.

Automated Quality Assurance @ Ignite
Ignite - Automated Software Quality Assurance concept diagram

The concept of Automated Testing

Continuous and routine (daily) verification of a software system's most important functionalities end-to-end.

Autonomous testing software - completely independent from the code or any internal details of the target software system.

Suitable for both completed systems and ongoing projects in active development.

Benefits of Automated Testing