Project team for your organisation

Our software development teams work with large corporations, as well as with medium-sized businesses, to support their IT systems. Many businesses rely on their existing IT systems to perform critical real-time business transactions. Therefore, those systems must perform flawlessly every second; while at the same time there is an urgent need to add new functionalities.

Usually, corporate systems have been built over several years, which results in a great amount of legacy code to work with, and the development team must be able to handle the system’s complexity. Extensive knowledge of large infosystems and proper project execution disciplines is needed to enhance such complicated systems. This is what our teams specialise in -- how to create reliable software.

To offer the most efficient solution for your business needs, we work as one team. Such a team includes software and quality assurance specialists from our side, as well as a business representative from the customer’s side. Our teams can execute the project on their own, or can complement existing development units. The team itself is most powerful when it links to various business entities to support the most effective working methods at hand. The involvement of the customer’s business representative is highly valued during the entire product development effort.

If you feel that your project or organisation needs an extra hand in building or enhancing its IT systems, then let us know!