Software Testing &
Test Automation

Ensuring that the final product is devoid of any errors or complications, is an entire process within the software development. Ignite has created a testing process that automates the Quality Assurance to discover possible errors in a most efficient manner.

Software Testing illustration | Ignite Ltd
Automated software testing concept diagram | Ignite Ltd

The concept of
Automated Testing

  • Continuous and routine (daily) verification of a software system’s most important functionalities end-to-end.
  • Autonomous testing software – completely independent from the code or any internal details of the target software system.
  • Suitable for both completed systems and ongoing projects in active development.

Benefits of Automated Testing

  • Much faster regression testing phase while developing and releasing new software features.
  • Provides security and safety for development teams – enabling them to enhance the code without unknowingly breaking the existing functionality – such affections become quickly apparent.
  • Enables a lot more agile and compact timeframes between software releases – encourages teams to release more often and develop the product more incrementally.