Telecom Technologies at Ignite

Services for Logistics

Business and tech analysis

  • Problem & solution mapping
  • Software architecture and design


  • Selecting suitable platforms and technologies
  • Supporting transformation from legacy systems

Software development

  • Cross-functional development teams with skillset suitable for the project
  • Latest processes and tools for Automated Quality Assurance

Blockchain for Logistics

  • Consulting and planning for different DLT
  • Implementation, development and maintenance
  • Oracle Blockchain platform


  • Developing multiple telecom back-end systems and self-service portals.
  • Long-term development partner for Estonian branch of an international mobile operator and wide-scale telecom service provider.

Telecom projects participated in:

  • Core CRM development for managing products, customers, pricings, services lifecycles, etc
  • Public self-service portals
  • Internal employee tools (intranet solutions) for managing telecom services
  • Billing systems and integrations with them
  • Integrating nationwide e-services via x-Road
  • Applying digital identity (ID card, mobile ID) authentication and API-s in telecom systems and services.

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