Financial Software Development at Ignite

FinTech Experiences

Software systems for payments, loans handling, digital/mobile banking, credit cards and more
Working as long-term Dedicated Development Partner for banks with more than 7.8 million private and 600,000 corporate customers
Implementing Blockchain solutions for finance
Integrating payment systems
Creating prototypes for startups

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Services for FinTech startups and companies

Business and tech analysis

Problem & solution mapping
Software architecture and design


Selecting suitable platforms and technologies
Supporting transformation from legacy systems

Software development

Cross-functional development teams with skillset suitable for the project
Latest processes and tools for Automated Quality Assurance

Blockchain for FinTech

Consulting and planning for different DLT usage
Implementation, development and maintenance
Oracle Blockchain platform

Banking & payment software references

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Preparing bank systems for bringing the Euro into use in Estonia

Pan-Baltic debit and credit card digital self-services development

Several internet bank enhancements projects

Several loans applications projects - digital contracts and more

ID-card and mobile-ID certification development

Central business financial data hub development

Developments related to applying the consumer credit directive

Integrating complex corporate financial systems, SECCI integration

Blockchain-based wallets and value transfer mechanisms

Several payment integrations and legacy systems upgrades/rebuilds


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Lana Shumyn
Business Development Representative
Phone: +372 565 5857

Expect from Ignite

Return of value

For you, this means receiving efficient software solutions that meet your business goals and are in line with your long-term organizational vision.

Frequent delivery

The work is done in short development cycles, gathering constant feedback from stakeholders to meet quickly changing market demands.

Transparent work process

Work progress is visible at any point in time via thorough communication. Minimizing the feedback cycle helps optimize the overall system cost.

Technical excellence and secure systems

While creating software, technical excellence is our daily norm, system security is constantly evaluated and performance of the software is built in from day one.

Maintainable code

Ignite’s code is secure and maintainable, and future changes are cost-effective.