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Application Lifecycle Management

ALM is a combination of people, tools and processes manage the software application's lifecycle from concept to replacement. At Ignite we have skills and experiences for supporting all stages of software lifecycle. We use Clean Software Architecture in our work, your system will be easily maintainable and expandable.

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Idea and Analysis

Ignite serves as a reliable provider of software consulting, where our primary objective is to design and create custom-made software according to your requirements. We start by first analyzing your needs and then figure out a way to create a software platform that would fulfil your expectations in the most optimal way. While multiple paths might exist, that lead to the same purpose being served, our competence lies in providing the most efficient solution. Our tech consultancy services span a variety of industries and employ the most innovative technologies.

Software Consulting @ Ignite - Idea & Analysis
Software Consulting @ Ignite - Architecture & Design

Architecture and Design

Fulfilling the main objectives of the business software, is only one side of the story. Creating a unique, easy to use and intuitively designed platform to cover your workflow, can be an entirely different path. What differentiates us from the competition, is our ‘clean architecture’ philosophy that promotes separating technicalities from the higher-level business processes. For your software system, this means easier changes and upgrades. The system is prepared to grow when you grow.

Development and QA

Our team at Ignite follows a rigorous procedure during the development phase to make sure no bugs are present when the final product is delivered. This means using a testing software that can adapt to any possible outcome and identify the core nature of any issue that may arise. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team is present to help prevent any issues that might arise and keep the system performing as smooth as possible.
Ignite uses an automated quality assurance software that identifies any bugs within the software by running E2E tests. The QA software can run independently to identify errors, reducing the testing time and assuring the product quality.
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Software Consulting @ Ignite - Development & Quality Assurance
Software Consulting @ Ignite - Implementation & Training

Implementation and Training

Ignite follows a comprehensive software implementation methods to help every user gain a thorough understanding of the platform we’ve created for them. The front-end is designed from the perspective of every user group of the final product. Ignite provides detailed documentation and training for the software product we’ve developed, to make sure all users engage with the product and gain a thorough understanding of the core software functionality.

Sustainability and Growth

Ignite uses the latest and most innovative software development philosophies and processes. The user-interface is sleek and simple, while on the back-end, the clean architecture model is utilized. Our objective is to be prepared for further growth of the software system, to make sure that it can grow as your needs grow. This entails a development model that keeps up with changing technologies and leaving room for improvement where necessary.

Software Consulting @ Ignite - Sustainability & Growth

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