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A combination of tools, processes, and professionals dedicated to the management, design, maintenance, and upgrade of system applications throughout their lifecycle, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a set of Software Consulting Services designed to help applications development and maintenance to reach maximum efficiency.

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Idea and Analysis

Without the proper understanding of what an application is supposed to do, what it is meant to accomplish, and what processes it must perform in order to accomplish these tasks, an application can never be efficient. This is why we, at Ignite, pay close attention to the Idea and Analysis phase of our Application Lifecycle Management.
With our primary objective being to design, create, and maintain custom-made software that meet your requirements and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business operations, we begin our ALM processes by providing in-depth analysis to the issues at hand, bearing in mind all through the process what you need the application to do. Here we figure out what sort of software would be the most efficient solution and map out what steps would be taken to in designing, developing, maintaining, and scaling the application.

Software Consulting @ Ignite - Idea & Analysis

Components of Software Analysis

Task statement

Today's processes, participants, challenges and opportunities.

Goal of the system

Future benefits, business opportunities, process optimizations. Target groups and their expectations.

Structure of the system

Descriptions of modules and functionalities.

External connections

Whether and which information is needed from other systems.

Work execution plan

Which parts/modules in which sequence will be developed.

Technical analysis

What technologies will be used.
Development budget estimation.

Software Consulting @ Ignite - Architecture & Design

Architecture and Design

Having constructed a solid idea of what application you would need and how the application is to function, we begin designing this application, adhering strictly to your requirements and diligently following the path laid ahead in the Idea and Analysis stage.
With our experienced team of User Experience (UX) and design specialists, we create the ideal design for the software, carrying out a series of tests and analyses in order to create the system with exceptional user experience. We utilize the Clean Software Architecture philosophy, a technique that helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software application, and also improves the process of development, maintenance, and scaling, making it easier to create software with less bugs, in less time. Add to that our intuitive user interface designed to enhance user experience, your application is sure to have a cream-of-the-crop design.

Development and QA

It is one thing to create a highly functional software on paper, and something else to bring it to life, by developing an application that is just as efficient as it was designed to be. At Ignite, we specialize in doing both. From writing of the code to the testing and debugging, our team of experts pour their wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience into making sure that only the best job is done.
For testing and debugging, we carry out both automatic and manual Quality Assurance (QA) operations, making sure there are no bugs within the application and that your software runs properly and efficiently. To achieve this, we run the apps through a series of E2E tests during the development stage, making use of an automated testing software that adapts to the various possible outcomes, identifying possible issues that may arise and thus producing applications with improved performance and maximum efficiency.

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Software Consulting @ Ignite - Development & Quality Assurance
Software Consulting @ Ignite - Implementation & Training

Implementation and Training

We follow a comprehensive software implementation procedure designed to help every user gain a thorough understanding of the platform we’ve created for them. We also provide detailed documentation and training on how to utilize the software products we developed, making sure the software is easy to use and thoroughly understood and mastered. With training guides, and user-friendly interface, our software can be utilized to its full capacity by any user, regardless of their technical background or lack thereof.

Sustainability and Growth

Since technology is always evolving, and the business requirements ever-changing, there is the need to constantly update and upgrade software applications, if they are to remain as effective and efficient as they were when they were first developed and meet the demands of your growing business. Our ALM processes take these factors into account.
Utilizing the latest and most innovative software philosophies and processes, we produce software that are highly sustainable and adaptable and have a clean, simple, sleek, and elegant user interface on the front-end, while utilizing on the back-end the clean architecture model, making for ease of sustainability, adaptability, and upgrade. Our objective here is to prepare your software for further growth and upgrades down the line, hence providing you with a software that can be adapted to meet your every need, and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and leave room for improvement when necessary.

Software Consulting @ Ignite - Sustainability & Growth

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