Mobile solutions for corporate needs

Mobile applications are definitely picking up momentum, and are also moving more and more into the corporate world. Many business processes within organisations can be made more effective by expanding their working methods to be location independent and by integrating tools based on mobile devices. The possibilities in this field are endless, from replacing cumbersome handheld devices with mobiles or tablets, to reviewing your corporate processes to support mobile location-based services with automatic data entries for your sales personnel, as an example.

Applications alone don’t carry any business value unless they are integrated with the corporate systems and the proper back-end solutions to take care of the business logic. At Ignite, we have extensive experience in designing and building large scale corporate information systems, as well as adding mobile-based processes and interfaces to support various corporate needs. It is truly important to create a unified business process that maps the needs of the back-end system and the mobile device possibilities to reach a sustainable solution that will meet the corporate needs of your organisation. We have the experience in renewing corporate information systems to enable user-friendly mobile lifestyle possibilities, in a sustainable way.

Let us know of your thoughts and needs for embracing the possibilities of the mobile lifestyle -- let’s bring these mobile opportunities to your company as well!