Mobile applications for the Android and iOS

Mobile applications and business mobile tools come in many flavours. Our experience covers mobile solutions in the fields of healthcare, corporate internal tools, event access solutions, gaming applications and many more.

At first glance, the different solutions and all of the possible options can be a bit confusing. It is possible to build native applications for each platform, cross-platform applications or browser-based solutions. In certain cases, it is essential to enable the applications to take advantage of various mobile device capabilities, like location detection or camera functionalities. In parallel, there are multiple technologies available, each with their own strengths. To top it all off, new gadgets and more capable mobile devices are becoming available. It can be difficult to navigate through the maze of all the options, to decide what could be the best solution for your needs.

At Ignite, we have built mobile applications as solutions for various business needs. Some of our projects require extensive research and development work to reach the end result that the user has imagined. Our projects portfolio includes corporate solutions with heavy back-end logic, as well as fun applications that can help in developing your company’s teamwork (Ignite poker cards for Android and for iOS).

Let’s talk about your needs for mobile solutions -- contact us, so that we can help to find the best solution for you!