Blockchain technologies

Ignite is one of the few companies in Estonia that is qualified for researching and working with blockchain technologies. At the heart of it all are distributed ledgers, or blockchains, which hold the accounting records of timestamped transactions. Each transaction contains digital information that is securely composed using various hashing and encryption solutions. Next-generation technologies like Ethereum, the concept of decentralisation, distributed networks and the speed of global transactions are just a few of the features that make blockchain technologies attractive to many users. Read more about how Ignite team is involved in creating new solutions with cryptocurrency platform technologies:

Healthcare solutions

Ignite has built various healthcare systems, nationwide solutions, hospital information systems and biomedicine applications. Such systems integrate high level security solutions, proper access controls and an innovative approach to bring healthcare services to people around the world. Read more about what we can offer in the field of revolutionised medical data digitisation:

Mobile lifestyle

Ignite has both the experience and the hands-on approach to help various companies on their road to service innovations. The mobile lifestyle is here to stay, and new mobile devices and next-generation gadgets are changing the trends in various business fields. Taking advantage of the mobile lifestyle can provide extra value to your business and can advance your services to the next level. Read more about the solutions that we offer:

Atlassian products and services

An organisation that has hundreds of developers and offices around the world needs more from a collaboration tool than just the original set of features that is provided. Atlassian® provides various tools to help teams work together in a smarter way and to unleash their full potential. At Ignite, we have extensive experience with the development, maintenance and support of Atlassian products. Read more about how we can help you with your Atlassian products:

Software services

Ignite provides custom made software solutions that will take your business forward. Our expertise covers the creation of mobile applications, software for small businesses, large scale corporate systems, as well as European-wide mission critical information systems.

Ignite has been part of various projects, working with large public and private sector companies as well as helping startups to quickly launch their minimum viable products. Our teams lead the way in selecting the most optimal technologies to be used, setting the system architecture in place, planning the database structures, executing the coding phase (back-end as well as front-end), adding new functionalities and performing quality control measures throughout the product development cycle. Read about our various service offerings below.