Government systems in healthcare

Over the years, Estonia has become well-known for its advanced usage of digital services. Such electronic services (or e-services) are used heavily in many different sectors. For instance, we declare income tax over the internet within minutes, creating a company online takes less than 30 minutes, and there is no need to physically visit a bank office as most transactions can be made and contracts signed via internet banking. The health sector in Estonia is no different.

Ignite has built a renewed, web-based, Patient Portal system that allows Estonian citizens to access their nation wide electronic health records at any time and from any place. It is a web-based system that uses the most modern technologies and that integrates with other databases provided by the government for information retrieval purposes. The complexity of such a healthcare system is increased by its added security and integrity needs, which are quite a bit higher than for a banking system, as an example.

Ignite has the knowledge of how to ensure that various government systems and healthcare solutions work together efficiently, and at the same time how to automate the data retrieval process so that human interactions can be minimized. Contact us for further information!