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From concepts and design to development, Ignite is qualified for researching and building Enterprise Solutions with Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

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Creating Blockchain systems since 2014

We provide

Enterprise-grade blockchain development services, consultancy and sustainable business solutions. We will help you to secure your valuable organizational data and streamline operations through smart contracts and integrate the latest distributed ledger technologies with your current business systems.

Our DLT experience includes

- Tokenization platforms and token wallets
- Digital ID and Smart Contracts platform
- Micropayments solution based on DAG Chain
- Private Blockchain development
- Prototype and proof-of-concept design
- Analysis and technology evaluation consultancy
- Merchant API development


Blockchain technologies enable businesses to establish a platform for transparent and reliable data-management. Tokenization of assets means using blockchain technology for transfering value and managing of physical assets. While in the real world, any physical asset would be bought in its entirety, tokenization allows users to purchase a part of the total asset through the purchase of a specific number of tokens that reflect the asset’s total value. The process of issuing, buying and selling tokens represents the basic principle of tokenization in blockchain technology. Ignite creates customized platforms according to your requirements, to facilitate the purchasing and issuing of tokens. This includes creating the web portal, user management, wallets, and integrations with the payment service providers.

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New FinTech

Blockchain has shown the potential to disrupt traditional business models through decentralized networks and distributed ledgers. One of the main beneficiarys of blockchain-based solutions is financial sector, as well as companies working in data security. Ignite has worked with startups, product companies and enterprises in crafting strategies to help them build solutions based on the blockchain infrastructure. Our dedicated team works with you from the conceptualization to the implementation of your fintech products. Tokenization and decentralized networks ensure optimal safety and efficiency of financial technology systems.

Oracle Blockchain

Ignite is qualified to use the enterprise-grade Oracle Blockchain Platform for demanding business critical systems for corporate customers. Oracle Blockchain is fully managed cloud platform, including all necessary components and administration interface. Oracle Blockchain is based on native Hyperledger Fabric framework, it has further enhanced level of privacy and confidentiality, it includes many productivity enhancements and identity management features that are critical for large-scale business transactions.
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Oracle Blockchain @ Ignite

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DLT technologies & platforms that we have used in our projects and prototypes

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Oracle Blockchain

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DAG Chain

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