Atlassian products customisation, extensions and configurations

Atlassian® products are most powerful when they are adapted to suit your business processes and your ways of working. For this reason, minor customisations or a few extensions might be needed. With customisation and configurations, we are able to modify the settings of the software to remove the functionalities that your business processes don’t use, or perhaps to add new fields that aren’t included in the default configuration. It is also possible to customise Atlassian products to include your company’s visual images and colours, and to change the look of the systems.

In addition to the customisation and configuration possibilities, Atlassian products have hundreds of add-ons or extensions that are available in the Atlassian Marketplace. For example, there are endless extension opportunities for team planning, colourful infographic displays, and the creation of polls or large scale surveys. By building Atlassian extensions, we are able to make the most of the products and integrated information systems that are being used. Look at the various extensions we have built in our projects for Confluence, JIRA® Core and the JIRA Service Desk™.

Let us know how we can customise and extend the Atlassian products that you use for your business needs!