JIRA Core and JIRA Service Desk experience overview

Atlassian JIRA® is a tool to assist software teams in planning and tracking the software creation process. The Atlassian JIRA Service Desk™ is a tool for managing incoming tickets. Our experience with JIRA includes the creation of various integrations, enhancements, customisations and extensions or plugins to ease the work process and to streamline the user actions with the organisation’s internal processes.

Over the years, Ignite teams have helped dozens of organisations to adapt JIRA workflows and create enhanced configurations that meet their business needs. A few samples of our projects, customisations, themes and custom plugin developments are outlined below:

  • reporting tickets to Atlassian and to third party plugin vendors, in order to improve the JIRA platform on a daily basis;
  • providing technical consultations and thorough analyses with daily support tickets;
  • implementing workarounds for existing product malfunctions, in order to guarantee seamless organisational information exchanges and to eliminate the downtime of integrated systems;
  • organising JIRA and JIRA Service Desk upgrades;
  • organising overviews and training sessions for end users after major JIRA or JIRA Service Desk upgrades;
  • Advanced issue picker – allows users to create a dropdown Custom Field with the values being derived from summaries of issues returned by the customisable JQL, and simplifies these to create a hierarchical and logical JIRA issues structure;
  • Javascript JIRA enhancer – plugin to enhance JIRA issue views, to colour certain fields or to hide some fields from different views and dialogs;
  • Customised mailhandler – enables advanced automatic actions based on incoming support e-mails. For an example:
    • adding custom fields to JIRA issues;
    • adding a comment into a JIRA issue when the issue key is found in the e-mail heading, if the issue is in an open status or was closed less than 48 hours previously;
    • adding a new JIRA issue into the system when the issue key is found in the e-mail heading, even if such an issue already exists but was closed more than 48 hours previously.
  • Advanced merge plugin – enables users to populate duplicate JIRA issues with changes made to the main issue;
  • Smart notifications – enables users to send notifications based on internal and external JIRA Service Desk issue comments (is able to distinguish when to send a notification);
  • Advanced priority changer – updates the JIRA issue priority based on the other custom field values.

Read also about our Confluence® experience and let us know if you need any customisations for your Atlassian tools!