Cooperation = win+win

Software development is a very rapidly growing area and to be on top of the game you need to be able to adapt, grow and evolve. Over the years we have learned that greater power lies in working together rather than trying to find all the solutions solo. Cooperation between Ignite and Cortlex is something that benefits both sides as the skill set we can offer is wider and the reaction time to actual market needs is faster. Through such cooperation we can complement the in-house skills and have team extensions.

Ignite is a software development company located in Tallinn, Estonia. We were founded in 2010 and have worked on various projects from all over the world since then. The team itself is international as well and is the home base for 40 employees. We work as a tight-knit community where we support each other’s growth and Ignite itself also contributes a lot to the development of its employees.

Ignite focuses on creating tailor-made software solutions that take your business forward. We are a good match if you are searching for an end-to-end partner for your project, trying to find a dedicated development partner, or need advice with blocktech services. Ignite fully commits to your business as a trustworthy partner whose promises you can rely on. For each project we try to offer the most suitable skills and technologies. To mention some of the technologies used most often by our teams: Java, PostgreSQL, Angular, Oracle, Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

Cortlex development office is located in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe) and they also have a representative office in Vilnius, Lithuania. Their team consists of 30 employees and new people are hired monthly (the retention rate is 95%, so they are able to provide you stable dedicated teams). Cortlex is an ISO 27001 certified company (the standard providing requirements for an information security management system), which implies compliance with GDPR standards and policy – all the information assets and processes are secure.

Cortlex was founded by software engineers – they know how to build stuff and are experts in what they do. They concentrate on the technical part of the projects so the staff consists of software engineers (no juniors – only intermediate, seniors and leads/architects). People are the core value of their business. Cortlex as an employer spends time, resources and money to ensure that engineers and management staff feel comfortable, happy and willing to work as well as contribute to their partners’ products. Cortlex’ technology stack is Microsoft stack (AWS, ASP.NET, C#), LAMP stack, JS frameworks (ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular), cross-platform mobile.

In 2016 Cortlex team approached Ignite and it was an immediate click! The actual collaboration started a year later though, in June 2017, when the actual need arose in Ignite. “There was a need for additional development power and we remember Olga (Cortlex) had contacted us a year ago with a partnership that was suitable for us,” explained Andres Pihor (Head of BlockTech, Ignite). Since then we have successfully collaborated on several projects and it has only added value to both businesses. What has also added additional value are the face to face meetings we have held in Estonia over the last year.

Combining the capacity and capabilities of both companies allows us to cover complicated projects where extended teams might be needed. For our customers it functions as a “one-stop shop” as they have to manage the partnership with only one company whilst getting a full service. A win-win situation for all.  If in need for a development power, contact us, we are ready for you!Back

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