by Katre Trei
04 April 2018

Since 2014 Ignite has been building various cryptocurrency solutions with the focus on providing reliable software for our clients. As the crypto world is evolving in high speed (offering many opportunities as well as facing challenges), Ignite also finds it crucial to contribute and participate in the crypto evolution. Our experienced developers work hard to chip in for the improvement of cryptocurrency solutions as well as share their knowledge with other crypto beginners and enthusiasts.





Byteball is one of the few cryptocurrency solutions not working on blockchain: instead, the data is stored and ordered using a directed acyclic graph (DAG), which solves several common issues of cryptocurrencies, namely the speed, transaction cost and confirmation time. As a result, Byteball can actually be used for applications with high transaction volume, such as micropayments solutions. Today, Ignite is the only software development company in Estonia with experience in using Byteball in a development project.


Ignite is contributing in further development of the Byteball source code itself, together with its vibrant community. Byteball recently announced rewards for successful attestation of email addresses (linking one’s email and Byteball addresses) to motivate more and more people to try out cryptocurrency. Choosing this path makes Byteball attractive to various businesses looking to be among the early adopters. Byteball has potential to become the source for many solutions to innovate our digital world. It can be the enabling technology for many projects that have been waiting for the right time to arrive.


We are ready to be the technical provider in your Byteball (or directed acyclic graph) based project. Just ask us more about Byteball and the opportunities it offers! Contact our Export Director Andres Pihor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or read more about it here!

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