by Dea Oja
14 November 2017

At Ignite, we have built various cryptocurrency solutions since year 2014. It is only logical that we also accept cryptocurrencies as an official payment method. We are glad to announce that now this is possible. First Bitcoin payments have been processed and our invoices include a separate address for cryptocurrency payment options.




Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity all over the globe. There are hundreds of companies who accept Bitcoin as a payment method, including Shopify, Bloomberg, Microsoft and Virgin Galactic to name just a few. Now Ignite has joined the forward-thinking companies by making cryptocurrency payments as a formal way of payment. Our main reasoning behind this decision is related to the way global money transfers work. Our international customers still need to visit a bank office to make wire transfer to us, also the transaction costs are high.


Considering how business is conducted in Estonia, we rarely ever need to visit a bank office and we have the ability to give legally binding digital signatures, it seems just a bit extreme that international money transfers are so complicated. Hence we started to look into alternatives. As cryptocurrency world is quite familiar for us the decision was an easy one. Now we can accept global payments from anyone with the speed of an email and our customers don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting a bank office to do business with us. Our work here at Ignite is all about making your business thrive by building reliable software.


In addition to building software solutions our mindset supports the idea of minimizing administrative burden whenever possible - cryptocurrency payments is a step towards more effective way of conducting business. Let us know if you have a need for enabling your business through an IT system or have a new technology project in mind!

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