by Dea Oja
21 December 2016

As the year is drawing to a close it is becoming a tradition that Ignite takes one evening to invite all our cooperation partners for a gathering. It was great to see so many of you taking the time to enjoy the evening with us. Ignite is strongly focused on keeping an eye on future technologies. At the partners gathering we went wandering with our thoughts - we let our imagination take advantage of our creativity throughout the evening.


During the journey we saw a dance performance, listened to scientific approach related to technologies in outer space, enjoyed wonderful music, watched a movie and enjoyed snacks and drinks while exploring thoughts about future visions.


At Ignite we don’t only imagine what future will hold for us, we also produce results. There are already technologies built by Ignite that change the way one thinks about business processes. One possible technological advancement we introduced is related to using advanced technology in recruitment with Recrur and Agrello intelligent contracts. Such combination of advanced software will ease the recruitment process and will eliminate mundane legal agreements management. Do let us know about your vision for the future and let’s meet for an exchange of ideas!


Photos from the evening can be found from Ignite photostream


Thank you all for being part of our ongoing futuristic journey!

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