by Dea Oja
15 September 2016

At Ignite we help to advance new revolutionary ideas with global impact. One way to boost the realization of brilliant ideas is to help various startups in their early stages. During such collaboration we offer our help as a technical partner and business mentor.

We carry out research and development of new technologies, assist getting the product to the market quickly and help to find new business opportunities through our network.


In the beginning of this year our cooperation started with Proof of You - creating blockchain based solution for global digital signatures as well as for intelligent contracts.


Intelligent contracts enable legal documents to become machine-readable. Such executable documents have a deeper layer for programming code, but are simultaneously still human-readable just like documents are today. Global digital signatures are a natural extension of providing the legal binding to intelligent contracts. Global digital signatures are built on a blockchain platform, signatures are usable via mobile phone and are legally verifiable through a browser based signature verification process.



Last weekend, Ignite’s development team for Proof of You participated at VUNK Garage48 Hackathon and came back with an honorable prize of Best Tech & Innovation startup. We received quite a bit of feedback on the necessity of such solutions in telecommunication field.


It is great to participate in revolutionizing the way legal agreements are carried out around the world. There is a long road ahead, but it surely is exciting to be part of the ride.


If you see that your business could take advantage of global digital signatures or intelligent contracts - do let us know so we can find a suitable solution for your business!

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