31 May 2016

The Baltic and Nordic countries have always been linked to each other by common cultural, historical, political and economic ties. However, nowadays Estonia and Denmark are additionally connected by their high level of information technology, being among the most digitally advanced countries in the European Union.


Consequently, cooperation between the two countries can lead to pioneering work in the field, not to mention mutual development and benefits for economic growth.


Software development company Ignite was one of the 20 Estonian companies who got the opportunity to participate in “Estonian Week in Denmark” from 11.05-13.05.2016. The aim of this event was to introduce Estonia`s economy and culture as well as to provide a favourable opportunity for establishing new contacts and finding new opportunities for cooperation between Estonian and Danish companies.


Impressive levels of digital advancement

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index 2016, Denmark and Estonia are one of the most digital countries among all of the 28 EU Member States. Estonia is at the forefront in supply and use of Digital Public Services. Its digital skills levels are notably higher than those of the average EU user - 99% of state services, e-prescriptions and banking are all being handled online.


All things considered, there are a lot of forward-thinking and unique technological approaches that Estonia is known for. Voting online from the comfort of your own living room and signing legally-binding contracts over the Internet from anywhere in the world, are just a few of the e-services that Estonians take full advantage of daily. Having an advanced e-economy and a number of worldwide startup success stories makes Estonia well equipped to offer a lot of useful technological know-how.


Innovative solutions from Blockchain to healthcare systems

Currently there are a significant amount of financial technology startups founded in Denmark and many of them are looking to build solutions based on Blockchain and other cryptocurrency-related technologies. Ignite is one of the founders of Estonian Cryptocurrency Association and therefore leads the way in this field with long term experience and knowledge. “Cryptocurrency technologies can be used to provide safe solutions for managing intelligent contracts, signing documents digitally and much more. Our advantage is experience in this specific development area. We have the ability and resources to provide quality services and competent developers which hopefully can lead to a lasting and successful cooperation with Danish software development companies, as well as legal and financial service providers. Estonia’s good reputation in the digital field is an assuring factor as well and our company has been involved in building systems for nation-wide usage,” explains Andres Pihor, the Export Manager of Ignite.


Furthermore, Estonia leads the way in Digital Public Services, whereas Denmark currently lacks some country-wide solutions like a national patient portal and a unified digital prescription. Public healthcare is yet another area, where Ignite has experience and an ability to offer services which include authentication systems, creating large databases, integrating systems and offering solutions that are secure for storing highly confidential personal data.


Why is cooperation important?

Potential perspectives and the need for cooperation became even clearer when Ignite met about 10 companies and organizations from different business sectors while participating in the “Estonian Week in Denmark”.


The world is constantly looking for innovation and trying to head towards simplifying administrative processes and making things further automatic. Unsurprisingly, this kind of mindset was shared by all of the companies Ignite met in Denmark. Change is not always easy, however in order for entrepreneurship to thrive, it is necessary to remove bureaucratic and technical obstacles. Estonia has a variety of unparalleled digital experiences in this field and a lot to offer. Nowadays international cooperation is becoming more and more convenient and flexible, since most meetings are arranged through electronic channels allowing to give regular feedback and ensure that clients receive the kind of outcome they expect.


Cooperation among countries such as Estonia and Denmark provide an effective tool to strengthen, share and accelerate digital developments. Creating, adapting, transferring and sharing knowledge and experiences allows us to support one another and encourage advancements during this fertile age of IT revolution.

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