by Dea Oja
07 April 2014

Each company has different tools for developing their employees, some of those tools have proved themselves better and others not. Personal development is definitely one of the key factors in having motivated people in your organization. New trends in people development are emerging and one of them is coaching – it is just another tool, all in all it is not a new concept as such. But how can this tool be used to transform the organization culture and what impact it has in retaining Tech talents?


Answers to many similar questions can be found this Thursday: Ignite is happy to announce that on 9th of April Tehnopol organizes an event called „New Trends in retaining Talents – best practices in implementing coaching leading culture“. In the seminar many experts share their experiences and thoughts regarding new trends in retaining and developing talents, especially how company culture and coachive leading style support people`s development.


Ignite, as a Tehnopol’s partner is also attending the event to share our story how we retain and develop our talents. We will talk about our best practices and will also look back to see what lessons we have learned along the way.


If you are interested in finding out more about the topic you are welcome to join us. Be fast, there are still some seats available.


See you already this Thursday at 15:00 in Tehnopol!

For more information visit: TEHNOPOLI KLUBI: Uued trendid talentide hoidmisel – Coachiva juhtimiskultuuri parimad praktikad

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