05 May 2014

At Ignite we truly believe that the keywords of successful company are inspiring leaders, talents who feel they are valued in the company, constant development, trust, caring  and partnership.


Today the companies who thrive to be successful and achieve best results are forced to do changes in their work culture – the constantly changing environment and the generation "Y" have different expectations to daily work routines. They do not work only because of money or because they have to. Work has become an important part of their life – they value flexibility, excitement, new challenges and constant development.


Is it even possible to create such a supportive and inspiring environment and is it worth of trying?


While looking for the answers the keyword is coaching leadership style. It is a successful management tool, not to mention its implementation. During its 5 years of activity, Ignite has consciously put lots of effort on establishing a work culture that is caring towards its people as well as contributing for their development. Ignite is characterized by the following keywords: international team (5 out of the total 25 Employees are foreigners, hence everyday communication is in English), flat structure (i.e. there is no hierarchy as such), flexibility and freedom (i.e. teams themselves decide what time their workdays start and how they organize their assignments), involvement, “we learn from our mistakes” attitude, constant self-development, and personal approach. People in our company are self-motivated because our co-operation is based on trustful partnership and regular feedback giving.


As pointed out in a recent Äripäev article about motivating employees through coaching Ma tahan, mitte pean, the most successful global companies are practicing leadership style where the success of the employees equals the success of the company – this is how Richard Branson leads the way in Virgin Group. So the answer is that yes, it is possible to create such a supporting and inspiring environment, and yes, it is worth of trying. At Ignite we are convinced that our biggest capital lies with our people which is why we don’t  only invest into them financially, but allocate plenty of time and dedication for them. Our aim is to ensure our people are satisfied, happy and the environment for them is supportive as well as inspiring. At Ignite we notice, encourage and support their constant development because we believe that our people’ s development is what takes the company forward and makes it unique.


Today I am confident to say that coaching culture has made our people more open and activated their internal motivation that is reflected in the organization’s improved financial results as well as Employees coming to work with a large grin on their faces. Our people do not come to work because they have to, but because they want to offer something significant in an environment that inspires them.

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