Why did we travel 3300 km to the Full Stack Fest?

On the 3rd until 7th of September Full Stack Fest took place in Barcelona. The conference was aimed at developers interested in backend and frontend development, or both. The event brought together a motivated group of developers from all over the world who were invited to 30 different mind-blowing talks. What better way to learn then to absorb the knowledge from others?!

On the 3rd and 4th of September Ignite was represented in Barcelona as well in collaboration with Work in Estonia. What makes such events valuable for us is that we know that our employees’ continuous growth is crucial for a successful business. Being mainly focused on the backend development this was a great opportunity to complement existing skills and knowledge. Our backend developer Piret praised the variety of topics covered in the conference: “During just one conference I was able to learn how to build a blockchain web application using Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer, what is the future of chatbots in the Travel Industry, to hear about the ethics of digital solutions, encryption, Onion Services and using Tor for anonymous communication. The weather and food, as well as the social program, were amazing!”

The purpose of the event was also to advertise Ignite as an employer. We don’t believe in limiting our options in recruitment with borders! We seize all the opportunities and invest in the future of good developers rather than focusing on their location or nationality. After 2 days of participation in the event Sirli Spelman, HR Manager at Ignite, came back with positive emotions: “The developers I met in Barcelona had definitely interesting profiles and I will pursue conversations with the most suitable ones.”

We truly believe that for supporting our employees growth and expanding our candidates pool, these events are a great opportunity. At Ignite we will continue seeking for such opportunities. We appreciate Work in Estonia for thinking of us when such conferences and events pop up and hope to collaborate as well in the future.