Ignite in the top 10 of Blockchain Solution Providers

CIO Applications Europe shortlisted Ignite in the annual listing of companies providing Blockchain Solutions to help clients improve and secure their businesses.

Blockchain is an emerging technology that has the potential to change  how some fundamental aspects of the human society – bureaucracy, property, identity, money, etc – work. The need in the market for such a secure and transparent technology as Blockchain is constantly growing. Ignite’s first Blockchain project takes us back to year 2014 and has been in the focus since then.

The skills in the team are continuously being improved through learning and experience. Working with Blockchain for the past 5 years has provided Ignite with competence in delivering excellent Blockchain solutions. When it comes to Blockchain technology then professional development and consulting go hand in hand in Ignite. Read the full article “Ignite: Gateway to Custom Blockchain-based Software” published in CIO Applications Europe here.