Host or not to host an internship program? Go for it!

This summer Ignite had the chance to host an internship program. It was a great learning experience for both us as well as our 4 interns taking one of their first dips into the real development world. “Sharing & learning” is one of Ignite’s values and what better way to live up to it then sharing our knowledge with those who are truly seeking for it!

Internship program brings value to all parties if done for the right reasons (don’t hire interns just to do your dirty work for free!). As a company, hosting an internship program is a good learning point – interns make us question the way things are currently done. Instructing an internship program is a good point of development for the mentors as they carry an important role in the interns experience. “I got direct support and guidance what was definitely one of the most beneficial aspects.” Biggest challenge for hosting such a program is to make sure that the mentors can devote enough time for the interns from the starting point onwards and we will continuously work on it!

For the interns such program is a chance to get a real work experience, for many the first in their career path. Through the program interns get familiar with their own skills and strengths. “I felt supported and safe in the times when inexperienced person like me would be confused. Mentor’s made sure to set goals in our reach, in order to not to feel overwhelmed.” Often an internship leads as well to a real job opportunity. 

Ignite is a company with a strong sense of all its employees. So from the moment the interns joined they were considered a part of the “family”. Being more a close-knit family-type company certainly has its benefits for hosting such a program. “I’ve always wanted to work in a small company where all the people matter and everything is more transparent.

The task for the interns was to build an entirely new product. “Through an agile work process and effective teamwork, we managed to build a working and well-tested MVP in a few months that provides real value to the customer.” The project was definitely challenging but more so, exciting, mind-opening, and a great learning experience and the end goal was successfully reached. The best part of the program – 3 out of 4 of our summer interns are continuing their journey with us (one of our wonderful interns is doing her final stretch at the university). Host or not to host? Definitely host! 🙂
Great success and until next year!

Host or not to host an internship program? Go for it!