Building new bridges

In Ignite we believe that borders don’t limit us and we welcome communication and relations from all over the world. On the 11th of July a group of students from Korea from Sungshin University visited our office to learn more about our experience with Blockchain and to gain new knowledge and additional know-how for their own group project!

A group of 9 enthusiastic visitors arrived on that Wednesday afternoon with a happy mood and a pile of questions. They visited the office, met our team and naturally, got the real insight to what we have been doing in the Blockchain area. Our BlockTech area tech lead together with the Head of Blocktech shared our experience with Blockchain and also the challenges we faced.

The students were excited to get their questions answered and appreciated hearing about the real experience with Blockchain. We would like to thank the whole group of students who visited us for their enthusiasm and interest in Ignite and our doings. So wonderful to see people who share similar interests with us despite being from so far away.B