Case Study: Biomarker validation application

The Challenge

Our customer, FibroTX, who provides innovative tools for personalised dermatology and skin care, was in need of a new smart, yet easy to use, solution. In their existing system, various biomarkers could be measured directly from the skin’s surface, producing coloured panels. Our task was to create a mobile application that would read and analyse the panels of the skin biomarkers.

The Solution

The first step was to analyse the business area and to produce a proof-of-concept for the solution. In close co-operation with the customer, the first prototype was created, and the results were presented. At this point, the customer was able to test the results and to provide us with feedback so that we could adapt the solution to the market needs in the most optimal way.

The main challenge, when creating the application, was to distinguish between the different hues of the biomarkers. This took a lot of fine-tuning and image recognition work so that the readings would be accurate with various phone models in different lighting conditions.

The end product was built in accordance with our company’s best practices: using short development cycles, delivering new functionalities after every 2 weeks, gathering immediate feedback after each delivery, and working closely and in constant communication with the customer. This flexible approach enabled us to avoid many pitfalls and to optimise the final cost of the application.

The Results

Ignite has previous experience in working with healthcare solutions, as well as with biomedical start-ups. Our knowledge of mobile technologies, Android as well as iOS, was a crucial aspect when we were chosen for carrying out the project. Specifically, the problem at hand needed a new smart solution for image recognition, as well as heavy logic to distinguish the colour hues on the skin biomarker panels from one another. The mobile application created by Ignite enables users around the world to use the innovative technologies developed by FibroTX.