Blockchain Systems Development

Ignite is one of the few companies in Estonia that is qualified for researching and working with blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. The latest BlockTech advancements are investigated and used here. We have as well mastered skills and experiences of building solutions using the innovative DAG Chain platform.

Blockchain for Business
Ignite builds business software, based on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. This sub-area covers use cases for blockchain technologies in different business areas (e.g. logistics, insurance, ID/KYC, sensitive data management).
Blockchain for Finance
We develop software for storing and transferring value safely and transparently. For that different cryptocurrency and smart contracts platforms and technologies are being used (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Byteball (DAG Chain) and Ripple).
Oracle Blockchain
Ignite is qualified to use the enterprise-grade Oracle Blockchain Platform for demanding business critical systems for corporate customers. Oracle Blockchain is fully managed cloud platform, including all necessary components and administration interface.

Why / How / Who

Why to work with us?

In Ignite we don’t just create software, we create additional value and change the way you look at things. We understand that the software we build serves a purpose outside the project scope with the goal to serve it’s users - we develop FOR the users. We believe that the success of the project lies in optimizing the whole system. We use the best practices of the industry as well as investigate the new opportunities to find the best fit.

How is it to work with us?

In Ignite we use a unique working process inspired by agile methodology which emphasizes the importance of active interactions. We aim for a friendly and honest communication with our partners. Speaking the same language as well as sharing the same values and attitude towards reaching our ambitious targets gives a better understanding of what is the expected outcome and how to achieve it on time without compromising the quality.

Who are you working with?

In Ignite the teams are a combination of skilled engineers and experienced specialists with a can-do attitude. They are constantly investigating the latest technological developments and implementing them into projects where applicable. The passion the team has for continuous improvement leads to excellence - new talents and success stories. People in Ignite are encouraged to speak their mind and initiate positive changes for improvement.

What clients say?


Sofia Trummal, Development Manager

Ignite team has worked on many business-critical projects with us including Internet bank and Consumer credit directive related. They helped business counter parties to specify and prioritize requirements to be able to meet tough deadlines. Demonstrations and continuous feedback from the product owners helped to make sure that the project is on the right track. We met our market and quality targets!


Tiina Pauklin and Triin Noorkõiv (“Tagasi kooli” initiative)

Ignite played an absolutely crucial role in the creation of “Back to School” info system. After a few weeks of co-operation, we realised that we had chosen an IT-partner that could exceed our dreams. In all truthfulness, our work together added significant value to our initial idea, opened new perspectives and provided valuable input for the future development of the “Tagasi kooli” initiative.


Mait Peekma, Penetration Tester

Ignite creates solid software. That’s a tested fact. The Patient Portal created by Ignite has been one of the most solidly implemented web applications that we have tested against OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) level 2A/2B requirements. The quality of the work done by Ignite was visible both from the penetration testing and source code review standpoint.


Jan Hagelberg, Head of Paf Games Studio

Ignite has been Paf's trusted consultant for many years and has developed several well-performing games with us bringing significant benefit for Paf. Ignite team is highly motivated, friendly, well-spoken and attentive. The developers are very adaptive, open to expanding their professional skills and their enthusiasm about their work is inspiring. I recommend Ignite highly for any project.

Estonian e-Health Foundation

Artur Novek, Health Information System Lead / Architect

Ignite introduced agile software development to us whilst creating a new platform for the Patient Portal. It has been one of the best cooperation experiences thanks to the team's dedication, professionalism, rational solution offers and pleasant communication style. Future developments to the Portal have been smooth without changes to the core which shows the high quality of the work! Ignite has the spark!

Questions about Blockchain Development?


Head of BlockTech Service Area

I take care of partnership opportunities and customer relations in our BlockTech service area. Please get in touch if you have an ICO or blockchain software project in mind, we would be happy to share our valuable skills and experience.

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