About Ignite

Software creation is our passion

For you

this means receiving efficient software solutions that meet your business goals and are in line with your long term organizational vision.

For us

this means listening to customer’s business needs and offering the smartest technical solutions that return the most value.

Ignite - software creation is our passion

Our experiences include

Software consulting services for businesses and startups;
Corporate information systems and mobile applications;
European wide mission critical information systems;
Core back-end solutions for finance, telecom and logistics;
Blockchain systems development;
Estonian nation-wide e-Health platform development;
Online virtual gaming platforms;
Retail information systems and self-service portals;
Atlassian® plugins.

Ignite Values


As an Ignite employee…
I’m focused on getting things done in the best possible way by exploring all the possibilities.
For an Ignite customer…
Ignite is a trusted advisor who shows exquisite craftsmanship in creating solutions based on your business needs.

Sharing and Learning

As an Ignite employee…
I’m part of a tight-knit community where we support each other’s growth and share our best practices.
For an Ignite customer…
Ignite offers a partnership that benefits both of us - we learn from each other and help each other grow.


As an Ignite employee…
I'm committed to treating client's product as my own and persistent in delivering what I've promised.
For an Ignite customer…
Ignite fully commits to your business as a trustworthy partner whose promises you can rely on.

Customer first!

This is how we keep you in the loop!

Constant involvement

Dedicated customer representative is involved during the whole product development life cycle by being available for the team on daily basis.

Regular demo sessions

At the end of each sprint a demo session is held for the stakeholders. This way we can ensure that the product is moving in the right direction

You prioritize tasks

Your representative presents the highest priority tasks at the sprint planning session to the team and the sprint tasks are always discussed through.

Daily team meetings

Your representative can participate each day in the daily meetings with the team and the completed tasks of the sprint can be reviewed by your representative at any time during the sprint.

Backlog collaboration

Backlog is generated and prioritized in collaboration of you and the team. You can modify and specify the backlog at any time during the product building life cycle.


During retrospectives your representative can reflect on what could be improved and what is working well. It is an important part of improving the product development process.

How we work

We use agile software development methodology where the final product is built piece by piece in sprints. Please have look at our work process slides, where this is described in more detail.

Our agile work process description download
Scrum at Ignite | slides download

Creating reliable software since 2010

Whether you are searching for an end-to-end developer for your project or startup, trying to find a dedicated development partner, or need an advice with blockchain systems, we encourage you to explore your possibilities with Ignite.

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