Software creation  is our passion

We focus on creating custom made software solutions that take your business forward.
Our created solutions include mobile applications, large scale corporate systems as well as European wide mission critical information systems. Our main focus lies in blocktech development and finance/telecom/logistics core solutions. Our business domanis cover also public health solutions, virtual gaming platforms, retail systems as well as Atlassian® products development.

Whether you are searching for an end-to-end partner for your project, trying to find a dedicated development partner, or need an advice with blocktech services we encourage you to explore your possibilities with Ignite.

Marit Alaväli


My responsibility is to make sure that our technical solutions help to meet your business goals in the most optimal way. With our team we are here to help, contact me and together we will find the best fitting solution for you!

Priit Jõgi

IT Projects Coordinator

I am your partner throughout the project’s life and will create the harmony between the developers and you. I will make sure that your project is managed and maintained in the best possible way. Let’s get your project going and create desired value together.

Andres Pihor

Head of BlockTech

I take care of partnership opportunities and customer relations in our BlockTech service area. Please get in touch if you have an ICO or blockchain software project in mind, we would be happy to share our valuable skills and experience.

Kaido Petter

Head of Project Partnership

My passion is to help businesses to find the best partner for their software projects, as well as providing a highly competent team. If you are looking for an end-to-end project partner or a specific skill set for your ongoing project, let's get in touch.

Katre Trei

Marketing Manager

My mission is to get the word out about Ignite, what we do here, and why we are qualified to do so. I take care of marketing activities and campaigns from ideation to execution. We are curious to explore interesting marketing opportunities!

Sirli Spelman

HR Manager

My mission is to make sure that the right people are doing the right work at the right time. I want to keep our employees happy as people and fulfilled as professionals. If you feel you'd like to ignite your career with us, let's get in touch.